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Media, PA
reply to bohratom

Re: 3D TV dying

I've been fairly disappointed with the content since getting a 3D TV about a year ago.

There are maybe a handful of movies that have good 3D.

I recently started paying more attention to if something was shot in 3D vs. shot in 2D and converted. The studios must not be spending much on the conversions since those are rarely any better than hitting the 2D to 3D button on the TV.

That said, when it's done well it's great, Avatar, Hugo, Despicable Me and a few others have great 3D. With Hugo the 3D really does add to a great story.

As to the headaches, any method will do that if you sit too close or make the parallax too extreme to boost the effect. You should also only view it in a dark room so you don't see normal objects in the room mixed with the 3D movie.