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Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

What are the disadvantages of that topology? How many endpoints can each line out from the CO handle, and how does that affect latency?

I'm pretty interested to see what Vianet will be doing in response to this. Their 30/5 package seems pretty inline with 25/7 DSL (if it was available), but the only synchronous plan they have is 25/25, for $83/mo before taxes, etc. If B-A can do what they're doing in the Maritimes (mostly synchronous rates, no caps, reasonable prices) they will surely have to raise the stakes.


Riverview, NB
The number of houses sharing the fiber depends on the deployment, 16 or 32 being the most common (of course that is just the limit, you could have less). Latency isn't affected, fiber is f-a-s-t. My ping to the gateway at Bell Aliant is 1ms.

As for disadvantages you are sharing the bandwidth available on the fiber with other people. The control is tighter than cable though, with the amount you are allocated changing every few milliseconds. Bandwidth can also be guaranteed for phone and TV.