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reply to DrStrangLov

Re: Testmy Downloads & HTML5 Internet speed test

Speedof.me was close both ways for me at 2.89 down and 1.22 up. Here is what speedtest.net shows atm.

I am quite sure that speedtest.net is correct because I have checked it exhaustively with actual downloads and uploads and it extremly accurate with DSL. It just hates satellite. The only true way to check a satellite connection is with actual downloads and even then file compression can throw you off a ways, so it is always best to get an average over some smaller downloads than with one big one. Of course this can also be wasting bandwidth so the best advise is if it is working then don't worry about it, or as the saying go's, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
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said by zeddlar:

I am quite sure that speedtest.net is correct because

HTML5 "is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web..."

"SpeedOf.Me is a HTML5 Internet speed test," which means one is measuring actual World Wide Web page speeds. Some of Youtube videos (without advertising) are using HTML5 but it must be enabled: See: »www.youtube.com/html5/ And when I come across a HTML5 Video, they will load extremely fast.

Here's a video, but HTML5 must be enabled on your browser


Each speed test is based in some specific format (FLASH, JAVA, UDP, FTP, etc.), but SpeedOf is measuring how fast a web page could be sent to an user.

ISPs with traffic management engaged can affect some speed tests results.

Anybody on WB legacy or Hughes want to give this test a try?