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Warwick, RI
reply to flo1356

Re: [Northeast] New IP, now can't connect to Radmin Viewer 3.0

Bogon issue is not applicable since the address block to was allocated to ARIN in 2008, and apparently put in service by Verizon in 2010. It should be a well-known address.

You did well to diagnose the fact your router and firewall do not appear to be blocking your access to another radmin server. Connecting to your son's server proves the block is not at your end.

The fact that you can traceroute to your friend's server, and can access the games in a normal manner indicates the route is not being blocked between you and his server. Yet something has changed to block the radmin access which previously worked before your IP address changed.

I think it's a configuration on your friend's server that is blocking access.


Fair Lawn, NJ
If I could only convince my friend of that. Maybe today's email will help after he get's back from his weekend away and gets to talk to his friend that owns the ISP where the server is located. He did say he was going to try and connect to it from where he is this weekend, so he would be sending it from a different ip than his isp uses. I hope he remembers to try it, but I won't know anything till Mon. after he comes back home and lets me know. He's out in CA on an island where he lives and I'm out here in NJ.


Fair Lawn, NJ

Still no luck connecting to the Radmin server so I can admin the game. My friend and his ISP friend feel the problem is still on my end. But now his ISP friend has gone to Ontario. I wonder if he will try and connect to the server from where he is. If he tries and can't connect, then I guess that would prove the problem is at his end. My friend has company this week until Friday also, so I guess nothing will happen. He did send in a tech support ticket to Radmin, but I don't know just what he mentioned about my problem. What I have tried to do to fix it etc. Radmin company replied that I should uninstall Radmin Viewer, and then run a purge cache which would result most likely in me having to reformat. It would get rid of all my .dlls in my puter from what I saw in Google. How could that be a problem if I can connect to my son's test server. I'm going to wait till next week and see if he will d/l a test server and see if I can connect to the test server. Don't know if he can d/l a test server though.