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Register a small trailer in CT

I'm thinking of buying a small used utility trailer to pull behind my pickup. It could well end up being from out of state with no reg, title, or paperwork.

If the above out of state / no documents happens, what are my chances of reg'ing a trailer here in the USSR of CT?

A proper CT bill of sale should be no problem to procure.


Edit - below added perhaps as Greg was typing his reply

This doesn't make it clear if I need a title or not
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The trailer weight would be less than 3,000 lbs, fully laden.


Middletown, CT

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On edit: Just saw you edited the original post with that link.

You actually answered your own question. From that link:

"If the trailer was purchased from a retail store and the gross weight rating of the trailer is 3,000 pound or less the Certificate of Origin does not need to be assigned, however, a register receipt will be required."

I think the info on that link is pretty clear what you need to do. You have not given us enough info to make the path clear. Is it:

- New or used?
- Is it homemade or a retail purchase?
- Does it have a GWR of over 3,000 pounds?
- If new, does it have a Certificate of Origin?
- If used, does it have a CT title?

All those answer are there.


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reply to Grumpy
Quite a few years ago I bought a used car out of state and it was over 10 years old. All I needed to register it was a bill of sale- no title required. The DMV forced me to pay to have a title made up and mailed to me and pay to have it inspected at a licensed garage (not sure if they even do that anymore), but because the car was out of state and over 10 years old, it did not need a title.

Things may have changed as that was some time ago, but if it's an older trailer, you will probably need to have it inspected and provide bill of sale... but i think otherwise you'll be in the clear.

Unfortunately, I can't swear that's 100% accurate info for your circumstance.


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reply to Grumpy
The trailer will be used, and factory manufactured. I'm a little afraid of home-builts, but do realize there are some excellent ones out there. I just don't feel like traveling hither and yon to visit them.

Chances are I would lean toward a snowmobile trailer for two reasons - width and light weight. My mower deck is 62" wide, and the mower is 9 feet long. My pickup is a four banger, and snowmobile trailers are usually very light.

Used manufactured trailer:

To register a used manufactured trailer you will need the following:

Bill of Sale (form H-31) or dealer invoice identifying the trailer – must include the buyer and seller information, purchase price, year, make, body style, and *VIN of trailer.
If previously registered in Connecticut and the GVWR is 3,000lbs or less proof of CT registration is required. If the trailer was previously registered out-of-state a VIN verification will be required.

Title properly assigned if GVWR is over 3,000 lbs. and 1981 or newer.
Not clear here if this means the opposite would not require title. Oh well...

Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (form H-13) completed by the new owner.
Identification will be required to register a trailer. Please see list of Acceptable Forms of Identification.

The trailer may require a safety inspection or VIN verification:
May? Pardon my sarcasm, but is this a flip of the coin situation? Is there a special coin flip line at DMV?
Not too concerned about having the trailer 110% safe - it's just a matter of how many days I need to take off from work to get it reg'd. The two trips / VIN verification is bad enough....

If the GVWR of the trailer is over 10,000 lbs. an inspection is required. The inspection of the trailer is done at a DMV Safety Inspection Station.
If the trailer was previously registered out-of-state, a VIN verification is required. Please note that VIN verifications for any type trailer are not performed at the Bridgeport, Danbury or Norwalk offices.

A 10-day temporary registration will be issued to bring the vehicle to inspection. The cost of the temporary plate is $ 21.00 for 10 days.

*If the trailer does not have a VIN or if the VIN is missing, an inspection will be required, no fee, and a VIN will be assigned. Please see Reassignment of Missing Trailer VIN and Assignment of VIN for Trailers for more information. There is a $50 fee for the new VIN if the trailers GVWR is over 3,000 lbs.

I suppose it's like most adventures to DMV & their policy by agency - one has to roll the dice and see how it goes. Hate to spend x hundred an a lawn ornament though.

In my past occupation I may have made 3 dozen visits to DMV, and could bore you all to tears with my DMV sagas. Instead I'll just throw two of my favorites out:

I took two 48' long flat beds into DMV for VIN checks one day - on was decked upon the other. The inspector asked in all sincerity: "Can you get the top one down on the ground for me?" (I brought a ladder)

Semi trailers can be reg'd for up to 5 years in CT. When I asked the cashier to do this, she insisted I would need to fill out 5 separate H-13s for the same one vehicle.

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reply to Grumpy
On somewhat of the same topic...not sure how big or how burly of a trailer you need.... I've got one of those bolt together, lay your own decking and side stakes 4x8's from Harbor Freight. I bought it back in 04 or 05; before they had stores in state. They shipped it for next to nothing. It came with a title. I believe the top o' the line model with the 5 lug wheels and solid tube axle, you're still under $500.
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