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Sacramento, CA
reply to chrisretusn

Re: motherboard caught fire after system battery replaced

When I said CMOS jumper, the three pins to which you were referring is exactly what I was talking about. I called it CMOS jumper. On the board it's referred to as CLR CMOS. I do realize that the manual refers to it as BIOS Configuration Jumper. (I really did read the manual.) I do know what the normal and the clear settings are. (I have both the board and the manual in front of me right now.) I know it was my error to start the machine up with the pins in the wrong configuration. A few folks do think that this could definitely have caused the short/fire, especially since the board already appeared to have issues. Whether it did or not, I guess I'll never know 100%.

Anyway, as I said, it's not my main machine. My main machine is an X58 setup, which is obviously not compatible with a D945 setup, for example. So, I do know that if I wanted to upgrade the board that went down that I'd be looking at basically building from scratch. I know how quickly compatibility changes as technology progresses LOL. But I have been able to locate some new compatible-with-my-RAM-and-CPU boards (yes, brand new in box) at our local large electronics store. So, all is not lost if I choose to rebuild what I've got with compatible (new) parts. They're still out there.

Thanks for your input.