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Virginia Beach, VA
reply to Omvlsd

Re: Need wifi N now that I have 75/35...best way to get it?

said by Omvlsd :

I current use a TEW-637AP directly connected to my AT Rev. F. The AP works great, it has better range than the AT's built-in AP. Make sure that the wireless channel number on the TEW-637AP is different than the AT's, to avoid a conflict.

Speaking of conflict ...

I have a second AT Rev. F that I would like to use. I would like to put it in a basement room because the signal from the TEW-637AP is rather weak here. The basement room has coax only. I have a combination of wired and wireless devices in the basement, so I would like to use the second AT as both a switch and an AP. Does anybody know how to configure both ATs so they are cooperative and non-conflicting? Thank you all.

The FAQ explains how to setup the second Actiontec in Bridge Mode:

»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I get an ethernet connection in a room with only coax?

Edit: I see I was too slow on the Post Button, More Fiber beat me to it.