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Land O Lakes, FL

Verizon DVR/STB software design team!

Hi all,

This is something I have wanted to post for a while now. Its more of an editorial on the quality of the software that is going into the DRVs and STBs.

I am a retired software engineer (initially a hardware engineer) who also was a manager of a software design dept with 30 software engineers. I know what the cycle of software design is and all I can say is that I think the engineers (hardware and software) that designed the FiOS infrastructure did a very good job. The network has been reliable and having to design all the equipment and software to handle fiber up to a home was an immense undertaking and very well done. That being said though, the Vz dept responsible for the software in the various boxes is HORRIBLE! Each time they come out with a new release it fixes some problems but creates new ones. Yes, that can happen but the severity of the new bugs should be less than the old ones, but with Vz that is not usually the case. And it takes SO LONG for them to complete a roll out of a new release that I think one of they took almost a year to complete. COME ON - THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!! Yes, I'm sure other cable companies have their problems but I would have expected a little better quality from a company that put together the actual FiOS system.



Brooklyn, NY
I'm not sure what purpose is served by this rant.