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San Jose, CA
reply to HunterZ

Re: [Signals] Just moved and need some advice

Running a new coax from the living room inside the garage is a good idea. However, since the wall is between living space and the garage, it's most likely a firewall (a real fire wall, not a network one). Any hole(s) you poke through that will have to be resealed in a fireproof manner. You'll probably find there's a layer of plywood under the rock on the garage side.

Is there power nearby in the garage where that amp is located? Might I suggest that you hang the SB6120 on the wall next to the amp and run a section of CAT5 along with the coax back to the living room and your router. That way, any splitter installed when Comcast comes to visit will be near your service entrance, and any loses to the modem will be minimized.
- Bill