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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to gar187er

Re: [DVR] Comcast Guide slooooow reloading

said by gar187er:

its not the guide its the memory, processor, and speed of connection of the box....motos have always been real slow....your tivo is lightyears ahead in technology then your STB

It has nothing to do with the box either. The channel guide uses a specific "slow" data stream (laymans) embedded within the cable signal. It won't matter if you have the newest box (except for the X1) as it won't speed this process up. Also Comcast, depending on your location, sets times in which to "populate" fill the guide. The first few hours should begin to fill immediately up till the first day but then Comcast has allotted times in which the guide data expands to up to two weeks. Usually they have this set a daily intervals or maybe even only once a day depending on the market. It will probably take at least a day plus to get the guide data back up to two weeks full. Tivo uses a separate connection to populate their guides which is why theirs fills up so quickly.

A UPS can keep your box going all day if it's off, depending on the model. You can buy them in all different capacities depending on your power needs. It is great to have to protect all of your TV equipment from surges and power spikes/drops. Plus you won't lose guide data for a 1 second power drop.

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Dover, DE

i know it uses a QPSK having worked in both moto and SA systems, i can testify to the SA being done in 10-20 minutes, while the moto is lucky to have the channels loaded in that same amount of time.
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Boston, MA

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reply to FifthE1ement

Thanks - very informative. I just set up a DCX 3400 as advised by a Comcast tech. It's been activated now for 30 minutes...I get some of today's listings, and, of course, the ads at the bottom of the guide. I also notice that on non-HD channels, they show in 4:3 ratio. My old box expanded them to HD size. I know I can do that with the TV menus, but is there a special setting in the box itself (again, like in TiVO) to do this? And, after 30 minutes, I still cannot access MY DVR. I guess the Moto boxes are what they are.
It's now been 8 hours. I have listings for the next 3 hours. This is absurd. The menu/DVR functions are working. I may try having a tech come down to look at it, but I'm not expecting much.



All that hard drive space, and Moto/Comcast never bothered to upgrade firmware to cache guide data. Shameful, but that's why you need to put it on a UPS. I do this for my Tivos anyway because they take forever to reboot.

I do this for a living

Dover, DE

im sure they could, but they might not be allowed to...also the memory might not be sufficient in size, and/or the format the boxes uses might not be the most shall we say efficient.
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