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Vail, AZ
reply to chmod

Re: Another a/c issue.

We sort of do what your talking about.

It was 104F a few days ago and on the 1st stage our heat pump couldn't keep it.. The temp went up to 77F (set point of 75 on that day) around 3:00 pm. At that point it switched to the 2nd stage and brought the temp down but it didn't shut off (at set point) until about sundown.

Now, what we do which "seems" to help is set the cooling set point really low at night when it can cool the house faster (set it about 10:00 pm) We set it for 69F at night and usually by about 2:00 A.M. it is there. It may turn on again (on stage 1) for an hour again before we get up. Once we are up I manually change it to 74F. With the house being nice and cool the heat pump doesn't turn on until 12:00 or 1:00pm at which point it starts the cycle all over again.

I tried leaving the set point 74 but then its warmer than we like when we are sleeping AND it runs much more during the day. I can't find my notes but I found the system runs less hours if I do the 69F at night and then 74 during the day instead of 74 all the time.

Not sure it will matter, but this is on a Goodman 5 ton 14 seer 2 stage packaged heat pump sitting on the south side of the house in Southern Az. Oh yea.. I work from home.