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Littleton, CO

circuit busy on network extender

For the past week, I have been getting an 'all circuit busy' message when connected through my network extender. I have called tech support at vzw and was actually told that maybe it is my internet connection - like a telco switch message of ACB would come from my ISP!?! Anyone here have any idea what may be causing this? It is happening at all times of the day and night, and is causing incoming calls to go to voicemail. I really need to get this worked out since I rely on this phone connection.

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Louisa, VA
·Verizon Wireless..
Its verizon having another issue where lanline and wireless inter connect. (local hubs) I had this problem for 2 days before they corrected it.

I could not get anywhere with verizon. Im convinced they didnt want to admit to a problem.

»Verizon Wireless Problem In Va..

I was also baffled how no one else seemed to have the problem and post it on verizons page or here. I know it was a wide area issue here...yet verizon said i was the only one complaing.
I happen to know the sheriffs office here and local govt. called in several reports of a problem.
Trying to get verizon to admit to something is a waste of ones time.
Hopefully they will corrected it in your area as fast as they were able to correct it here in Central Va.
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