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Mineral Wells, TX
reply to 88615298

Re: Illegal by precedent

said by 88615298:

said by nunya:

From the 1940's all the way until the 1984 divestiture (break-up), the DOJ vigorously pursued AT&T for these same practices (Bell System Property - Not For Sale).

Another example would be cable cards and cable boxes. Though it failed miserably (thanks to the cable companies efforts).

This is a money grab. Charter isn't stupid. I'm sure they have a lot of highly paid lawyers who have looked at this and said, "yep, it's illegal".
The goal is to reap as much cash as possible before the racket gets shut down and the jig is up.
Charter puts themselves in the "cat-bird-seat" by crowning themselves king of all the equipment in their geographic territory. Now, equipment manufacturers will be fawning at Charters feet trying to get that contract to be the "the one". Charter will get ridiculously low pricing on equipment. I'm sure they will be passing those savings on the consumer, right?
Maybe the DOJ should get a head start on this.

Please. Yeah that why they are LOWERING the cost of their TV services. Because they want to fuck over the customer.

Hmmmm let's see

My current package without special deals.

Digital Home $64
HBO/Cinemax $20( don't really care about Cinemax but I am force to have it )
2 HD boxes $15( $5 for the first $10 for 2nd )
Broadcast fee 1.47

Total $100.47

Tv Select( same as Digital Home ) $60 and INCLUDES broadcast fee
HBO $15( no longer forced to get Cinemax )
2 HD boxes $10( all boxes are $5. no discount for 1st box anymore )

Total $85

Oh and come July 13. I'm getting over 30 more HD channels added.

yeah Charter is really trying to fuck people over.

way better than suddenlink.. gettin charged 160 for nothin

10mbps, 1 up 37
tv digital 115 or so
boxes 5 bucks a piece only have 3 (1st one is free)
then they hit u with the broadcast almost 5..

and dont even have hbo or cinemax on the digital u have to pay extra for the crap..

haha looks like yall dont have it so bad