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MJ+ LAN Shutting down Requiring Restart

Hi all,

I am using the MJ+ directly to the Router
D-Link DIR-615, using the MAC Address Static IP for the MJ+.

Problem is that I notice on my phone that there is NO LINE indicated. I check the line and low and behold, there is no active line. So, I start troubleshooting quickly..

The MJ+ is still powered, and my LAN light for the MJ is not illuminated, (No connection) on the hardwired connection to port 4. (To make it simple I have the IP set to so I always know which port it is connected to)

The way that I have been handling the situation is

1)attempt to ping my known IP for the MJ+. (No replies)
2)unplug the MJ+, and Reinsert into Power

It works again.

This has happened 2 times in the last week and my wife is getting annoyed....she already hates this thing...I cancelled our home phone about 5 months ago....

I have been using the MJ+ for about 4 months now with mixed results, but this is the first for dropping LAN connections with a known good CAT5 cable, (Not the one supplied)
I threw that one out the first day.

Any thoughts?

Thanks all whom contribute to this technology!....


Mississauga, ON

I did bit of research and learn that MJ+ doesn't like some routers. My Linksys wrt310n works great for past 4 months. I have MJ+ hooked up to my whole house with cordless phones and it works great. Also it helps to set-up QoS for your MJ+ IP. Your MJ+ will be as good as your internet service. I would upgrade the firmware if you did not do that and that should help. Newer firmwares are built in VoIP in mind.