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reply to fifty nine

Re: FCC Regs?

said by fifty nine:

said by knewman:

Isn't there some kind of FCC regulation that specifies cable operators are required to allow customers to bring their own modems?

I believe that only applies to cable TV equipment, not cable modems.

It doesn't apply to CableCARDs. The cable company doesn't have to offer it for purchase, but they have to lease them.

Correction they are NOT REQUIRED to lease Cable Cards or Tuning adapters. They are required to make Cable Cards available. They may charge a nominal fee for the card (not required to) Cable companies tend to just make the (POS) Tuning Adapters free. Next year they must make cable cards TWO WAY allowing people with equipment like TiVo to watch on demand content.
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They already have two way cable cards.
I have had for the past two years now one of the few Tru2Way televisions - which uses a two way cable card. I rather enjoy it, but is seems that I need to contact Comcast again to get the on-demand working again.