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Grants Pass, OR

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reply to Zappa2000

Re: [HSI] Charter will No longer support Customer Owned modems?!

I asked in direct about the following. If I own the same exact modem Charter is handing out at my local office. Would I still need to get a modem from the local office? Short answer. Yes. That makes zero sense to me and actually cost Charter more money by having to order more modems for customers. I will be able to continue using mine until my promos are up. After. I can choose to pay the old non promo prices. Which are insanely high btw. Or get into the new pricing system coming up with plans. I have phone and internet through Charter. So, yeah. Gonna have to go into a bundle now to keep our phone. We have CenturyLink but they are HORRIBLE for internet and phone. Plus they don't even come close to what Charter offers speed wise for internet. They only offer 1.5mb/896Kbps DSL. Compared to Ultra 100 (100mb/5mb) I have with Charter. Screw that crap!