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Kanata, ON
reply to steven s

Re: Who cares?

said by steven s:

I pay for cable because I want to watch TV, not to provide people with jobs.


I could care less about the specialty stations, what I watch are the shows. Here in Canada we have so many niche specialty channels that the media conglomerates have to spread the content pretty thin just to get one or two marquee shows per channel and fill the day with programming. They used to show old "CSI NY" episodes and now they have "Swamp People" on the History Channel. Never mind if you love or hate those shows, cut the number of channels by a third or half and keep the History Channel about history from at least a generation ago, not two years ago.

I fear with a la carte they'll do even more of the above since customers won't be forced to take specialty channels in a bundle; they'll move the popular shows around to keep channels alive.