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Kalamazoo, MI
reply to 88615298

Re: [HSI] Charter will No longer support Customer Owned modems?!

said by 88615298:

said by Zappa2000:

I don't get the logic of this decision.
If people have DOCSIS 3 modems, then why not let them keep using it ? If they have issues, fine, then they need the "free" modem.

You can keep using your current modem.

Yes, as long as you don't get a new plan...

On the FCC website, it states

Cable operators may not prevent customers from using their own equipment if such equipment is technically compatible with the cable system.
Which means, if they have a DOCSIS 3 modem which has 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels, the same as the newer surfboard, then this seems like a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

I believe applies to cable TV not internet. And who is going to sue over a modem?

Who knows, Cisco / Zoom / anyone who is making modems... and of course there are the class action lawyers, if they smell $$$ you can bet they will go for it.
I doubt a individual would do anything more than complain to the FCC, but you never know.

I did a quick check of the prices, and they haven't updated them yet.