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Beaverton, OR
reply to Papageno

Re: Cry me a river

said by Papageno:

Why should I have to pay for the F'ing Home and Garden channel or the ESPNs or MTV/VH1 when I have zero interest in them, just so I can get Comedy Central, TNT, FX, AMC, USA, and so on? In the immortal words of Bender, "they can kiss my shiny metal a**."
As someone pointed out, the History Channel used to actually show some good stuff, and now it's all filled with crap like "Nostradamus' phophecies" and "Ghost Hunters" and such "reality show" hooha. Yechh.

Yep, it's Capitalism. If you don't have an audience willing to pay for your product, you fail. Why continue to subsidize losing ventures/companies?