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Rochester, MI

Ultra Pre-sales Questions

I've been perusing this forum and there's a lot of info here, but it seems like a lot of it conflicts or people are talking at cross-purposes (e.g., not being clear if they mean to turn off DHCP client vs. server services, which are two different things). So, some clarification please.

I currently have WOW Internet + phone and have no complaints whatsoever. The WOW modem is cabled to my Linksys router, and from there I have two hard-wired PCs and a number of wireless clients (printer, smartphones, laptop, tablet, etc.). The wireless network is set up with a particular SSID and WPA password. It works flawlessly. But I'm now thinking of switching away from the DISH network to WOW cable TV service.

So with Ultra, I gather that using my own router in this way is problematic, but using the WOW modem as a router is also going to cause some issues! Does their modem also function as a wireless router? If so, at what service level (b/g/n?).

Then there's the matter of location. The location where my current cable modem is located -- where the cable comes into the house -- is a poor location for a wireless router. I also just have the one point-to-point Ethernet cable running from the modem location to my current router in another room; seems like this wouldn't work if the cable modem is now my whole-house router.

Am I off-base here, or is converting from my current router configuration to the Ultra modem/router going to be a big hassle?


Columbus, OH
·WOW Internet and..

I understand the location issue, but I honestly think you're overthinking the configuration issue.

You would get a new integrated cable modem/wireless router--but you can still think of it as two separate things that are managed separately. Sure, their unit comes set up with a default SSID and password, but it also comes with instructions on how to set it up with whatever SSID and password you want.

I think a lot of what you're reading is from people who have very carefully constructed setups, based on certain routers and whatnot--setups that are so carefully crafted that they couldn't be replicated on *any* different platform, let alone WOW's. I don't get that idea from your message, so I think you'll be OK.


Naperville, IL

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reply to gordonwd

I've had Ultra TV for a day. Yes, the Ultra TV box acts as a wireless router. Still not sure if it's G or N...I've had other fish to fry (2 paragraphs from now).

If you use static IP assignments and port forwarding, you might hold off. I've read posts about static IP being unstable and that they were looking at a firmware update to address it, but I haven't seen anything confirming it being fixed.

Also, there are some serious issues with VPN protocol support. If you rely on a VPN for work, don't count on this thing working. I speak from recent experience. I have also read about a firmware update being tested to fix this, but clearly it hasn't gone into the wild yet.

In addition, word is that the wireless signal from this thing is very weak, but have not verified for myself. Seems to work from 20-30 feet pretty well, but I haven't tried something in the basement yet. This would in theory be solvable with a range extender to boost the signal.


Rochester, MI
reply to gordonwd

Thanks for both the above replies. Yes, my setup is pretty vanilla so that would not be an issue. But having it at the current physical location would definitely add some connection hassles (wired and wireless).

One of my overall issues is that our house has never been wired for cable TV. We had DirecTV for many years and then moved to DISH. The WOW rep has been very helpful and dropped by last evening to see how they could install the cable without having to punch holes in our (new!) siding, etc. It still gets ugly since they'll have to go into the attic, which recently had additional insulation blown into it, fish wires down inside walls, and still probably have to have a cable running down the side of the house.

The satellite installation is just so much neater! Maybe I'll just make some threatening calls to DISH to get our price lowered and/or get upgraded to their latest whole-house DVR solution.


Trenton, MI
reply to gordonwd

Do NOT count on the integrated wireless functionality of the WOW router/modem/dvr to send a signal further than 1 room at most. You will want your own wireless router hooked up in access point ,ode. If you can follow the steps posted ,any times in here and don't advanced routing features like QoS you'll be fine.



I agree the wireless signal is weak at best. I wish they could fix that issue. Sad when a g and even a b version wireless router gets better range.