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Honesdale, PA

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files and sons of files

Dear Friends,

So, whilst watching the flash debacle, hoping that fglrx 12.6 works with some post WWII form of x server, and other such mindless intellectual masturbation, I somehow apt-got something that, like contracting a disease from holding the pole in the NYC underground, hurt like hell with no explanation.

Like most warm-hearted folks, I feel sorry for orphans, debian or not, so in trying to gain some understanding for the plight of libattr1, without removing the kinds of things like sysvinit that make life bearable for the rest of us, I tried e greping. Rather like the average gp who writes up zithro to make everyone feel better, I knew that "no file name found" could not be good, but, renaming and .baking and the usual stuff just cannot hurt, and the patient never complains. It died. Apt was beyond life support.

Panic set in, when I realised, like most addicts, unless I found the error, I could never apt again. To miss a point release on the day of its finding its narrow path to sid was more than I could survive.

LMDE install dvd is like a crash cart. One hopes never to use it, one rarely does, but its presence keeps us from total paralysis when patients' organs, like some perverse dll, are beyond repair.

So I deleted the entire libattr1 entry, nano be praised unto the heavens, from the dpkg status, re-installed the package, whose configure version now matched its installed version.

Now, in my philosophical moments, few and far between, I ask myself: if crash carts were built with devscripts, how many more or less of us would be alive today?

And, yes, this post took longer to write than solving the problem, which says something about the relative sanity of programmers versus amateurs.

But a serious note of thanks to all of you who make life easier for the rest of us, and whose serious help in this forum makes it possible for us to use our systems with a little bit of research, respect, and some dumb luck.

Life is a series of return dates. There is but one final argument, its eloquence determines who we were, and whether who we were had meaning.