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[Scam] Lex Luchini-Capachinno-Walker Washington-MFL Entertainmen

If you encounter this person, he claims to be a rap recording artist. He is looking for companies to provide services and products on the note that he will pay at a later date, or offers you a percentage of his revenue. BEWARE! This person has no intention of ever paying you! He was in prison for 8 years due to the same type of activity. Save yourself the trouble - and don't do business with him

Doctor Olds
I Need A Remedy For What's Ailing Me.
1970 442 W30

Re: [Scam] Lex Luchini-Capachinno-Walker Washington-MFL Entertai

WALKER WASHINGTON, also known as Cappuccino, New Visions Entertainment-Scam-Da Franchise Playa-Lex Luchini-Gorgeous Gangsta-Cappachino(Wu Tang Clan)-Walker Washington-Denise Washington-June Hall-if any of these people contact you-Beware!

More here from 2005...

»New Visions Entertainment
What’s the point of owning a supercar if you can’t scare yourself stupid from time to time?


New York, NY
Still at it..... He and his entourage have been "black listed" in every studio in NYC. Phony PO's, fictious companies, etc.... You would think the feds would have a tighter leash on him being that he already recommitted twice already.