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An Apple a day keeps the doctor away
Saint Louis, MO
reply to michieru

Re: Wow...

said by michieru:

You should considering that right now Comcast pays for the groceries for these families. If they were to lose the jobs that you don't care about then it will come out of welfare.

I absolutely DETEST this kind of logic. Comcast doesn't buy people groceries! Those people go to WORK everyday and Comcast compensates them for their time and effort. If these people didn't show up to work, Comcast would have nothing to sell. Your phrasing makes it sound like the salaries are just some sort of charity for useless people.

This is in the same vein as calling rich people "job creators" instead of just "rich people." Do you know what creates jobs? Not CEOs, DEMAND creates jobs.
Everyone should own a Mac! Go Bucks!