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Frederick, MD

Verizon says I can only get 1.5mb now...

I used to be a happy DSL customer. I switched voice and internet to Comcast, ditching Verizon a couple years ago. I'm happy with Comcast. I'm considering a second internet line to the house, so I was thinking about activating my old DSL line.

First post in this thread (»7mb for same price as 3mb) shows what my transceiver stats used to be. My current stats are shown in the picture above. Even though I have not had DSL for a couple years now, I connected an old Westell 2200 modem to the old phone line and it shows I have a DSL signal. Looks good too. Looks like the old 7mb/768k I had before.

However, when I contact Verizon they tell me that I can only get 1.5mb now. I had (and apparently still have) 7mb, so why are they telling me I can only get 1.5mb.

When I checked with them on my neighbor's address, they say I can get 7mb to 15mb service. Are they black listing me for leaving them a couple years ago?

Q1: I see they're offering up to 15mb service now. What max speed might I expect to get based on the stats above?

Q2: How can I get them to give me something faster than 1.5mb?

Q3: Do they still offer dry loop - all I want is DSL, no voice, no TV, etc. And if so, what is the price?

North Tonawanda, NY
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A1: You're looking at 10Mbps/1Mbps being the Max. 15Mbps might slide by but let Verizon decide which would be the better choice first. If it can go higher we can get it fixed later.

A2: With a lot of fighting and convincing

A3: Dry loop was done away completely a month ago. You need a landline now if you make any account changes.

Frederick, MD

There is a local ISP that provides DSL, using Verizon as the last mile of course. I had them at my home many years ago, before switching to Verizon DSL. I also had them at a business about a year ago, in the same area as my home. They are not a 'reseller' of Verizon DSL services. They have their own networks to provide the internet connection.

If I can get dry loop from that local ISP and they are willing to give me 7mb+ speeds, will Verizon go with this since my transceiver stats are clearly working to the CO at those speeds. This should not be a bandwidth issue with Verzion if I'm using this other ISP to get to the internet.