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Woodbridge, VA

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Re: [TIVO] Here comes the copy protection bit (letter)

I would have been pissed a few years ago when i used to archive alot more content from my TiVos. But now I only have three boxes (2 Elites and 1 regular Premiere) so I use streaming mostly and now very rarely transfer to TiVo Desktop or between boxes. When the streaming box is released in a few months I will be getting that too which will mean even more streaming.

My only issue now is that over the years I've moved my cable cards dozens of times on FiOS. At one time I had eight cable cards but now I'm down to three(and soon two). I know none of them are paired to the boxes they are used with. And the last time i tried to pair the cards i couldn't. Since the system was only setup to pair a new card that was sent to a user. If I would have thought about it I would have had the FiOS tech pair the cards when he was out last weekend replacing my ONT and BBU.

EDIT: I guess with the letter they sent they must have changed the system so now it won't be an issue to pair my cards.
Plus it sounds like only the Premium channels will be affected. So if I still downgrade TV to the Extreme tier(and upgrade internet to 75/35) it won't be likely to have have any effect on me anyway.