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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to PamelaTS

Re: What no BYOB option?

said by PamelaTS:

Thankfully I don't live in their area as I'm greatly opposed to being forced to us someone else's equipment. I have DSL modems I will never use again. But they are mine, I have a SurfBoard cable modem not currently in use but it's mine. Likewise I opted to NOT lease a cable/DVR. I own my TiVo w/Lifetime Sub.

It should be a customers right to OWN their own equipment BYOB!

Eh? Of course it is your right to own modems...be they cable or DSL! Hell, I've got a small grave-yard of old dsl equipment...want to buy any of it off me? No? Can't blame you, most of it is of very limited value...but then, by your admission, you have both dsl and cable equipment that you bought...sitting around being essentially...worthless. Where is the economic benefit to equipment sitting on a dusty shelf in the closet?

Now, I rent my eMTA (voice and internet) off of Comcast. $7 a month? No biggie. An eMTA costs $149.95 new...by the time that is "paid off", it is already on its way towards obsolescence, a year or two away from newer equipment more often than not.

Meanwhile, if my eMTA dies a premature, grizzly death, I call Comcast, and they swap me out a new one, and if there is a new roll out of upgraded equipment, I don't end up the proud owner of a useless plastic box with pretty lights (like I said, got lots of those already, thank you!)

I get it that folks obsess about the cable/dsl companies making even a dime more off our hard-earned incomes...I really do, but this is not nearly the big deal that it is made out to be. I do support folk's rights to own anything that they want, but seriously, buying any electronic equipment is never an investment...it is marching towards irrelavence from the moment you plunk down money for it...so renting is not all that terrible an alternative.

Look, I see folks here talking about their Motorola SurfBoard SB16121s (and SB16120s), which are "only" 4x4 channel D3 models...already behind the "curve". Good modems to be sure, but destined to be in the back of many a cable-user's closet in the not so distant future.
Deeds, not words


Dallas, TX
Well the Surf Board (6141) cable modem is brand new I'm waiting for my Clear commitment to run out.

My TiVo works OTA and OTI as well