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Fort Worth, TX

Wondering if i got capped

So i have had clear since march, and its worked pretty well. Until this week. I am getting horrible ping times 200ms and maybe 2.5MB down, but my regular .90 mb up on a speedtest. I contacted support they said the tower was congested, i have tried 3 different towers and get the same exact results. I have even bought a different modem, registered it to my gf's name and still same speed. Interesting thing is around 9am i get my regular good speed, so am i capped? or are they having capacity/congestion issues?

Warwick, RI
This does sound like tower congestion IF it was one tower. However you said you tried 3 different towers ? How was this achieved ? Were these mobile hotspots you rode around with your car to change towers ? Or are you doing this on your home modem somehow ?


Fort Worth, TX
i moved the modem around my house. As of now the speed is back to being normal.


Milton, MA
reply to daverFW
I was wondering the same exact thing! I got mine a couple months ago and it was beautiful for the first 5 weeks. my service is terrible now it cuts out continually thru-out the day. the first time it happened I called and they told me there was a problem with the tower, that problem continued every other day from that point on and at this point everyday and i have to reboot 20 a day. now they say it is because I am on the edge of their service.
I find it highly suspect that it would work flawlessly for 5 weeks straight and then all of a sudden deteriorate to the point of becoming unusable.I am calling tomorrow to argu with them and cancel my service. I want my money back even through it is beyond the 30 days. they tricked me into buying into this and now they either can not or will not provide what I am paying for. I have Comcast coming Thursday to install cable and they say I will get 12 megs download and it is $10 cheaper than Clear. for the first 5 months then it goes to $54 a month. I don't mind the $54 and would gladly pay that now just to have the service and 12 megs is awesome as far as I am concerned. I am really excited about this new service. I have two Roku's and netflix and Amazon are the only TV that is watchable. when this Clear cuts out it sucks.
I am going out this week to buy a new cable modem and I am going to buy a new router also. they told me I could do this and I will have no rental fees.
I would have done this in the beginning but thought I could not get the service because the person who has the lease owes money to Comcast. I gave them all my information and they ran a credit check and told me I was all set. no money up front and no deposit required. I have to pay $25 for the install and then $39.99 a month. I am very good with that and no contract,I can quit any time I want.


Fort Worth, TX
if i could get cable i would, i live in a 2year old house, and Charter has service 1500ft away, but wont run cable to my neighborhood, and the fastest DSL goes is 3MB. I am totally hosed.


Rosharon, TX
reply to daverFW
If your Clear service, ever, gets even remotely as unbearable and awful as mine as, 3MB will sound WONDERFUL. No landline options are even available here.

The Clear service is beyond awful in my location. Infact, its somewhat humorous how horrible it is, despite decent RSSI and CINR (3+ bars). Clear is without a doubt the most pathetic ISP i've ever experienced.

I saw 10Mbps during my Clear trial period (go figure). Boy, once the contract clicked in, service took a total nose dive.

If it works for you, awesome, consider yourself lucky:


(yes, thats clearwire on the very bottom)
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