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Tampa, FL
reply to Thinkdiff

Re: [TIVO] Here comes the copy protection bit (letter)

said by Thinkdiff:

But for the people that are saying they'll drop their premium services.. why? Is the only reason you subscribe to them to transfer the content back to your computer?

I only get Epix and Showtime since they are included in Ultimate, but if they go copy once I will drop my package down a notch.
I vote with my wallet. I don't support the copy once flag so I wouldn't choose to subscribe to a channel that uses it. What is the difference between recording a show in every room and recording one copy and then transferring it to every room?

In one of my rooms I only have a TiVo HD so I can't stream it from another room. Transferring to that room is the only option. Transferring to a computer is also something we use to create our own in home VOD service especially since we can't access VOD on our TiVos. Once we watch it, it gets deleted, but there is a good chance we won't get to it before it gets deleted for space on the TiVos. Usually by then it is also no longer in the guide to record again.

Also we use it to watch/listen the shows at work and when we travel. Streaming doesn't work since the Verizon coverage is barely 3G at the office, Pandora can't even stream smoothly, so we transfer to the PC and convert it to something that is easy to throw on the phone or tablet to take with us.