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This is a sub-selection from Isn't it obvious by now?

My views are my own.
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Re: Isn't it obvious by now?

said by newview:

Comcast does what they damn well please, and to hell with what their customers, the FCC or anyone else thinks.

I will agree with this. I wonder if Karl missed something, or maybe I didn't see it here, when Comcast decided that a modem rental was now a "fee".. and thus Comcast blatantly disregarded business class contracts everywhere and decided to start charging modem rental "fees" even thought contracts specifically stated "no charge" such as mine all did.

When talking to customer lack-of-service people, it was rather funny to hear them ALL say, when asked why I'm being charged, "we decided as a company.." and that's where I'd cut them off and say "stop with the talking point memo crap..." and then had to educate them on what a contract was. They'd try to argue that if I read the contract it allows them to adjust prices of "fees" at anytime during the contract period. I think they just forget that when reading the contract, "fees" refer specifically to those charged by government mandate. However, again, they decided to classify a modem rental as a "fee".. It was funny talking to these un-educated idiots that if a modem rental is a "fee" then why isn't the static-ip charge also "a fee".. or the cost to use the internet, too, was "a fee"..

I swear, total ass-hats. They do just do what ever they want, when they want, and don't give a crap. It's say that Comcast chooses to go down the same path as companies such as, say, BEST BUY, who is currently feeling the pain of their decisions.