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Superior, WI
reply to TheTechGuru

Re: [Speed Issues] SpeedBoost Outage?

said by TheTechGuru:

said by Chubbysumo:

im on the 100meg tier, so I dont get speed boost,

Do you actually get 100 on that? (Assuming you have a gigabit router and gigabit NIC to handle it, otherwise you're going to get about 70-80)

yup, I get a steady 12.8MB/s download speed on good DDL sites and torrents. Also get the full 100mbps on speedtests(very few, since very few can handle the full 100mbps.

As a side note, many services are not set up to handle the full 100mbps speeds yet. Steam gets about 10MB/s on downloads, game updates get around 11MB/s, but website downloads seem to stall around 5MB/s. Guess it just depends on how much bandwidth they dedicate to a single IP, and how much they pay for.