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Aurora, CO
reply to shambulance

Re: So what did you do yesterday?

Well, yesterday now being 6/27 I spent it finding out my car battery died so I had to wait until 7:30 for the parts store to open and find out that apparently there are no silver or gold level batteries made for an 01 Jetta so I dropped almost $140 on a platinum level one. After getting it in I find out my car won't start and with smelling fuel I realize I must not have spark. Pulled a plug, had my neighbor crank the engine and had no spark at the plug. Had the car towed and find out the ignition control module is toast and had to wait while one was ordered and delivered. During this time I realize it isn't a good idea to not eat having already taken my medications for type 2 diabetes. Sitting at Firestone I start sweating bullets, go red in the face and am so dizzy I can barely even sit up. Drank half a Coke, went to Sonic for some lunch and at 1:30 I got home and figured no reason to go into work so I watch reruns of ST:TNG on DVR and logging in to do more midsummer and explorer achieves. Ate some fish filets, got the dogs back inside and went to sleep.