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reply to Gundy

Re: Anyone playing DayZ Arma 2 mod?

said by Gundy:

Purchased the game this evening. My roommates and I have nothing else to play so we decided to give a shot. Should be interesting. If anyone is wanting to group up or something give me a holler, maybe we can all team up. Seems like the more friends you have the more secure your gaming experience.

Oh, find a server that is a day server right now. Most US servers are night time (day cycle matches server time), which means darkness, which means death :/ Find a low population server, no more than a couple of players max. The good news is, so long as you log out gracefully, loot you have will remain persistent throughout most DayZ servers.


Use ^ map. When you first log in, you will be given a location name. You'll spawn Kamenka, Cherno, or Elektro most likely. It's fairly easy to orient yourself once you get your initial bearings. DO NOT raid a city without a plan. Really, watch your ass. If you are being chased by a zed or shot at, just quit ASAP. Most servers frown on this, but fuck em. Log in on another, safer, server. Military spawns have some decent loot. There's melee weapons like a hatchet and crowbar. Your priority is: weapon, food, medical supplies. If you see a human, just don't hesitate and shoot. the 6 or so times I did they got me first. But again, stick to low pop servers that have daylight.

TRUST NO ONE (well, except us DSLR'rs and close friends). Seriously, I've seen f'ed up shiet, people ask for help, and then they run to someone, and the guy shoots them dead and then laugh about it. I'll be on tomorrow evening or possibly the weekend. Good luck!
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