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reply to Mele20

Re: Wow...

said by Mele20:

I have zero interest in the ton of mostly trashy channels that my cable company forces on me. I want ala carte so I can order broadcast channels only. I live where cable or satellite is required to view TV channels including broadcast ones. I am forced to pay for a bunch of channels that I never watch and my tastes are NOT for niche channels at all. I like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Public TV channels and that is it.

Tell your apartment manager/owner/whoever you only want Basic. They're the ones who signed a contract and make you pay for Standard cable. Since it's included as part of your rent, they even made you pay it when you didn't have a TV...

If you COULD deal directly with TWC on this, they'd sell and provide you with Basic which would pretty much give you the "ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Public TV channels" and not much else.

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If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.