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Riverview, NB
reply to Riplin

Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

said by Riplin:

Meh, you don't need 30mbps to ul useless youtube videos or pictures to facecrack. Only benefit to 30+up is to maintain retarded ratio's on private tor sites or run a business where you need to send large media files out. I'm just saying gimme a 70/10 for 69.95/mth and you'll suck people in way more

Final thought since I keep finding new stuff I want to address...

Here in Atlantic Canada where Eastlink already exists and had better plans (I say had because they improved Sudbury's ahead of FibreOP deployment to try to help so they are now equal) people are leaving Eastlink a lot. Install wait times average 3-4 weeks. This trend is the same with Rogers here in New Brunswick who has crapper plans. I suspect this will carry on to Sudbury so they won't *need* to suck people in way more. The service speaks for itself and the vast majority of people are fine with the pricing.