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Riverview, NB

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reply to BliZZardX

Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

said by BliZZardX:

There's all sorts of ways they can sell it.

Even the wireless model works, pay by usage blocks and forget the speeds, just give people what their line can get.

FiberOp, up to 1000Mbps
50GB - $30
100GB - $40
1TB - $60
10TB - $100
20TB - $200
Unlimited - $250
Fair use policy: throttle to 10Mbps after 50TB

That would cover the cost of bandwidth but I have serious reservations for whether it would allow a healthy payback of the customer acquisition cost and still have a profit margin. Long term it would be possible.

So really my opinion can be summed up as this: Right now the packages and approach Bell Aliant has taken is good for sustaining their business and continuing deployment. Once they have settled down the deployment and built up some money in the bank they could change to a different model and it wouldn't hurt things. Right now they are investing everything and don't have the money to spare to change.