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reply to Truckinguy2

Re: Why can't Fairpoint provide steady service?

They oversubscribe by 200% minimum. I had the 3Mbps/0.768Mbps package and my service was 500Kbps-1400Kbps/670Kbps with Latency from 120-200ms+ on a daily basis. After a month I switched to cable, RR Turbo to be exact. I was paying $69.99 for non-contractual service with Fairpoint and switched to $44.95 RR Turbo and received service well above advertised. After dropping Fairpoint, I went from 500-1400Kbps down to 30Mbps down and from 670Kbps up to 1.91Mbps up for $15 dollars less a month. I have recently downgraded to RR Lite for $29.99/month but get a constant 971Kbps/971Kbps, which I think is pretty good considering the package is 1Mbps/1Mbps. To answer you question: No, I have never had fluctuations ever in my experience with Road Runner. And they lied about the 88% mark regarding broadband to that percentage of people in the Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. What they did was setup their server shack in the town and then claim that everyone in the town had the ability to acquire broadband. Wrong. It is distance limited and they got caught lying. Look it up and read.


I complained to NH Public Utilities and they contacted Fairpoint. I got a call from someone in Concord and she gave me a story about the computers having mixed up the signals,etc. She wanted to know if I had my 1.5 Mbps speed again and checked in with me 36 hours later. I had my 1.5 for that period. After she called I am here at lunch just 3 hrs later and lost the speed to 0.36. Go figure.
Like I said they are pulling fast ones over us and many are stuck with this crap. The government should demand them to get there act together somehow. It's to a point that Broadband (high speed) is a necessity in life as a phone is.
I'd like to switch to Wireless hotspot but they say it is too expensive still. No cable here so they have me but good.