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reply to bionicRod

Re: Anyone playing DayZ Arma 2 mod?

said by bionicRod:

I am having 0 luck with finding shit I need to survive. I have yet to find a single gun since spawning without one. Tons of ammo, but no gun. And it still has not depleted the fun that I'm having with this mod in any way . If I see another player with a gun I hit the deck, pray he doesn't see me, and don't move until he goes away. After an hour or two I usually make a misstep and get a horde of zombies on my ass and get eaten. My fiance even got into watching me sneak through a horde last night, and she does not like games.

So 'remove from tool belt' lets you equip the hatchet as mele? I wish I would have known that last night, I figured that would drop it. Is it the same with the hunting knife or is that just for skinning game?

Haven't found the knife yet, all I know is it's used to kill farm animals, not sure of actual melee properties. It is actually some sort of silenced pistol with a short range --
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I'm down with grouping this weekend, Steam ID is bionicRod. Hit me up. Gundy I'm going to add you. I have a mic if you wanna talk.

EDIT: Need some clarification Gundy See Profile...on the only Synthetyk it says

This user has not yet set up their Steam Community profile.

If you know them encourage him/her to set up their profile and join in on the gaming!

Is there more to your user name?