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[Serious] Buying Vehicles Scams

Just wanted to report they are still in full swing. I know my fellow canchatters are a savvy bunch but just in case it never hurts to be re-edumecated or to revisit the pattern of fraud. Take this recent email I received......

Thanks for the prompt reply,My name is Ross George i believe my son Sean sent you a text message to email me for the sale,I am pleased with the price,i would like more pictures and its current condition because i cant come over to inspect it,i am buying it locally here in Canada for my son studying/working in abroad (Malaysia). I work at sea as i am a marine biologist (i work on the St-Lawrence river in Quebec. my office: Pilotes du Bas-St-Laurent] and due to the
nature of my work, phone calls is restricted, i can only use my iPad to partially communicate.I am really sure he will be more than happy if i am able to purchase it from you because this is what he want and chose from the Advert. You need not worry yourself about how it will get to him there in
Malaysia as i have a contact of shipping company there that will be handling the pick up and all the paper work."

or this one........

"Hi, I just thought you might have had some other buyer's interested in buying the Vehicle from you before i contacted you so i think the best way for me to outbid them all is by offering you another additional $700.CND to your asking price on the ad on Kijiji, I won't be coming for the inspection of the Vehicle my self due to present Job, I only have a pick-up Agent who will be contacting you about where and when the picking of the Vehicle will taking place after have completed the payment transaction with you my self. Please tell me a little more about the present mechanical condition and how often you do the service or if possible the history ?. I will wait to read from and if we come to an agreement i will proceed with the payment immediately"

After talking to paypal it became clear that one SHOULD NEVER SELL large ticket items over paypal. Out of province inquiries should be discarded, cash only sales is the way to go. We all know of the fraudent CC purchases but its actually more insidious. Even with a legitimate purchase any CC or Bank transaction can be disputed and reversed for up to some length of time. Basically any transaction can be disputed by the buyer and his-her bank or CC company will reach in and grab your money directly from your bank or CC company. Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with Paypal but a scam to get your vehicle for free and if youve spent the money your hosed (the lady security rep I talked to was point blank dont do it using paypal). Voila out money and out vehicle. One has to prove that any item was actually picked up shipped, tracked and delivered to a known address for evidence and you still may be out money and a vehicle.

Note Google searches on pilotes du bas-st-laurent


or in general these types of scams......


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