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reply to spazychicken

Re: Enforcement of the 250 GB data consumption is suspended.

said by spazychicken:

Me too. I'm not torrenting and pulling from newsgroups 24/7. It is just the initial Backblaze backup. My normal usage is around 150 GB/month.

I had actually planned on seeding the initial backup over 2-3 months to avoid cap issues, but after the enforcement was stopped, I decided to go for it.

I'll return to my near my normal usage next month.

Yeah. My normal is anywhere from 180-220GB/month typically. And depending what Comcast comes up with cap wise for later, I'll ensure I do whatever to get my limit and if I go over and am charged more, I'll do more to get my money's worth.

Mine was E3 this month and a buttload of Netflix streaming