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Palmer, AK

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Cisco- greed at it's best

I've had problems with Cisco before. Once it was over a VXR7200 router. I was on a 3 way conversation with network ops and Cisco. We determined the problem was the VXR and it needed a new motherboard. Cisco being bitches they are, demanded a credit card before shipping it. That alone infuriated me, considering we've purchased millions of dollars of their equipment, not for just my network but other organization's networks. Cisco put us on hold. I told network ops when this was all done, I was going to push for replacing all cisco devices with foundry and cisco can eat a sh*t sandwich. Upon saying this, cisco came back on the line and said no credit card was needed and a new motherboard would be sitting on the security desk Sunday morning (this was Friday night).

My other challenge started when linksys went under the cisco umbrella. I had some SPA962 phones at home and needed new firmware updates. I got into a hour long pissing contest with the idiot cisco rep over why I had to pay for a critical update when it was their firmware that was jacked up in the first place. If they wrote tight programs, there would be no critical updates. I told the rep to keep talking because I was working on a letter to my state attorney general on filing charges under the RICO Act for racketeering and extortion. She suddenly got nice and provided access to the updates.

I quit buying cisco routers for home use years ago. I game a lot and noticed their routers would wear out after 6 months and start dropping packets, firmware re flash or not. The D-Link gamer lounge has been rock solid for the last 6 years and still running strong. When doing installs and upgrades for SMB's, I spec D-Link routers and call cisco SMB equipment for what it is- junk.