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Grayson Peddie

Tallahassee, FL

VPS for web and mail server

My reasons for going with VPS: Web hosting with Apache and Mono (ASP.net) and using Zarafa Community Platform as a replacement for Sherweb's Hosted Exchange 2007 (mail, calendar, tasks, journals/notes, etc. for synchronizing) and use SpamAssassin for filtering spam.

Since moving to a business-class Internet service from Comcast is quite expensive ($60 for starter plan with $15 for 1 static IP address or $20 for 5 static IP addresses), I thought I might ask if going IPv6 will make any difference in how much it'll cost, but then not everyone is in IPv6 for the time being, so I might be better off sticking with IPv4 for now.

So what my mom are paying is $60 for 30Mbps Internet Service with $10 worth of basic cable which I care less to watch except for locals using my antenna and watching 1080P videos over the Internet. I must mention that only my mom watches basic cable but I don't, so my question is: Is it worth going to a business-class Internet service just to spend $15 to have 1 static IP address or is it worth going for VPS?

What I saw for VPS is for $5/month, I can get 768MB of RAM, 30GB of disk space, and 1TB of bandwidth. Does that seem good to be true? Does anyone use that service?

Currently, I'm using GoDaddy as my domain registrar and I'm using Zoneedit's name servers for my single zone, which gets updated with a new IP address that's dynamically assigned from Comcast. Currently, what I have for my domain name is SSH access and Asterisk with SIP URI and remote phone registrations. I do have a website hosted at home but I currently don't want to violate Comcast's TOS, so I thought I should keep port 80 blocked since I'm not running a business website, but a personal website.

Personally, I like having control over my web server and mail server, including keeping a Linux OS up-to-date, so yeah, I'm a Linux freak. So my question I have is do some VPS providers block port 25 for outgoing mail? I can learn to configure SpamAssassin and prevent an open relay in Postfix.

Describing my situation is quite complicated for me so I'm unsure if I'm being very clear to anyone. If you want me to rephrase my post, let me know. I might try to elaborate on how I am planning to setup my own virtual private server.
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united state
Some providers do and some don't. I've always used WebHostingTalk to find pretty good budget VPS deals for small projects or just plain ol tinkering.

Houston, TX
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You can find good, cheap VPS providers all day long at »www.lowendbox.com - just be sure to read the comments for the offers you're considering and you'll be just fine.
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