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Louisa, VA
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reply to wa2ibm

Re: Cable Wrapped Around Power Line (again)

said by wa2ibm:

I would make darn sure that the ground block that's supposed to be at your end of the cable drop is properly grounded with a large guage wire (I'd use #6). The ground is required by code. Thus, if the insulation on the outside of the coax should be damaged AND short to a hot wire on the power drop (also with damaged insulation), then the only thing that should happen is the cable goes POOF. All current should be shunted to ground through the ground block. Might make a good show.

Other than that, my only other suggestion is the suspended weight thing suggested above by pokesph.

It appears to be #6. And I agree on the suspended weight.
I just might see what I can do about doing that.
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