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Phoenix, AZ
reply to bbear2

Re: Bandwidth Management?

said by bbear2:

I'm not sure you can restrict the BW by 8M vs. 4M, but there is something call QOS that will allow you to give different priorities to different devices/messages. I'm not that familiar with the 2Wire RG, Model 3801HGV, but a quick look as the datasheet »search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGdVs4···3801.pdf did not show any QOS mention.

I'm not sure if you can put your modem into bridge mode, but if you can, then you can purchase a router that does QOS that is better suited for what you are trying to do. There are many out there, but for example the D-Link DIR-657, DIR-827, DIR-857. Netgear and Cisco make some nice ones too.

The 3801HGV is a VDSL modem that cannot be bridged. If you want to run a router behind the 3801, connect it to one of the LAN ports and then put that device in DMZ+ mode in the modem firewall.

QoS is NOT configurable on the 3801. AT&T has specific settings which they have set for use within their network.