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Hilo, HI
reply to Name Game

Re: Webroot SecureAnywhere scanning PC - suspiciously fast....

said by Name Game:

AV's are irrelevant... a good clean hips is what most need when they click on every site link known to man..and visit free crap sites.

People have been putting up with AV marketing jive for years now..still remember when they all had a fart caught crosswise when Trojans hit the scene.." Hey that's a trojan..we are an AV company..we only do Virus" ..that mentality would make any sane person puke. Then malware hit the scene and they all went ballistic and the user had to put up with a trojan killer proggie, a AV, a malware killer, a dialer stopper, a firewall ( even firewalls with special rules )and any other fancy gizmo they could find..all competing for RAM that was maybe max at 1gig at the time..and then you had to turn all the stuff off if you were an on-line gammer..

Well, of course, a classic HIPS is the best anti malware of all and it doesn't gobble RAM or CPU either. I'm dreading leaving XP soon for a new computer because Process Guard is the best piece of protection I have ever used and I wlll be lost without it. Yet, there is little to choose from for Vista/Win 7 as far as classic HIPS. If Webroot really wanted to have a fine security solution they would stop the junk they now have and give us an "updated" ProcessGuard...in other words, a classic HIPS that is not terribly difficult to use like most PG imitators have been.

Yeah...I had NOD32 back 2003-2005 and I well remember Eset insisting that it was an antivirus company not antitrojan. Eset was one of the last vendors to get on the anti-trojan bandwagon and only after much drama and protest. I recall too how your forum came about and, of course, Kevin and Nancy and the great BoClean.

You still have to turn off some AV for online gaming. Avira has some sort of pause button or something like that on their current version (which I don't use and did not beta test as I did earlier versions).
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