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South Williamson, KY

Verizon prepaid problem

My friend had hell on earth yesterday trying to get his fiancee a matching android phone exactly like his put on prepaid for her to use. The phone: HTC Droid Incredible that he bought off eBay. He already has a droid incredible on prepaid currently. He spent 2 hours on the phone with different reps and on hold all together. They transferred him to the tech support department where he was on hold for well over 30 minutes waiting on someone to answer. Once we finally got a hold of someone he was notified that they were grandfathering in the 3g data plan for that phone but were no longer activating that phone because they no longer offer the old 3g data plan. He was told the phone could not be used on ANY prepaid plan what so ever despite the fact he already had another incredible on prepaid. The rep, however would be happy to offer him a brand new phone. :P After spending over 2 hours on the phone waiting on this unbelievable answer and spending $100 getting the phone off eBay, he hung up. Can someone please figure out whats going on here? Is this Verizon being sleazy and not wanting to activate older phones because they want you to buy a new one?

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
Make sure you're calling the customer service number for prepaid and not for postpay. Back in 2002 when I moved from Iowa to Massachusetts, I had a nightmare transfering a prepaid account from Iowa (319 area code) to Massachusetts (413 area code), I called their EZ Move hotline (number for relocating postpay accounts) and got the runaround. Even the store could not honor my request despite the store in Iowa telling me that they can transfer prepaid accounts. As a last resort, I called the 800 number for their prepaid division (at the time was called Free Up) and the first rep honored my request right away. This after waiting 45 minutes on hold with Verizon's EZ Move hotline for a good 30 minutes and getting nowhere.

West Tenness
reply to zipjay
Sorry but you're not going to be allowed to use a smartphone on Verizon's $50 unlimited pre-paid service. It's that simple. They might have allowed that at one point, but obviously everyone would be doing that if they could. So you're friend is out of luck.


Nashville, TN
reply to zipjay
Last I seen in the stores, The smarphone with unl talk, unl text, and 1GB of data was $80 on a verizon prepaid smartphone.