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reply to TwiztedZero

Re: bill c-11 becomes law tomorrow

said by TwiztedZero:

said by funny0:

... and thus i argue strongly this whole act is swiss cheese....

And its gona be getting swissier and cheesier with TPP

ya know what by time that happens i wont care any more, one of my sites was rendered illegal under this law because some files no one knows whom the copyright holder is or they cant be contacted....
YUP FUCK YOU TO THIS GOVT and the stupid corporations and while im at it anyone want to see that bitch on continuum that works for corporations that time travelled back have her chopped up into lil parts and mailed around the nation ( of course being a fictitious character its cant really happen but think its a game a doom )

My grand father fought in ww1 , he fought nazi's in WW2and was on kapyoung that lil ol hill in north korea where we staved off a massive chinese assault ...what the hell FOR ...REALLY so foreigners and a select few can drive bmws and private jets while i get 1.5 dollar kraft dinner and get my civil rights rammed up my arse so hard i can feel a bad taste in my mouth all day?
NO REALLY what the flying hell was harper thinking no really selling out more farmers so a few of his buds can rape canada.....and ya know that nutbar that did kill that kid my heart goes to the parents and family but look more people are gonna lose it and more crap is gonna start happening large .....and the nut was a part of "the industry" some fruity model ....just what we need more lazy types like him wandering around...
when this becomes law the best thing to do is as i suggested if you REALLY REALLY want to mute this law if every damn pirate in canada bought a store dvdr then backed it up to a new format like xvid or x264 breaking said encryption then turned our sleves in refusing to pay a fine and refusing bail the first judge you see will start nulling laws cause REAL criminals cases are gonna start getting tossed because of the time frames needed to process you and then the aspect of cruel and unusual punishment again on where to house this many people properly and safely ....food wise ...water....it will break the nation they cant do that....
OH and htink im crazy there actually is a section of the charter that deals exactly with laws like this that cant or wont be enforced cause why? cause too many of us do said activity and its of a non violent nature ....
and look at that aspect of non violence and compare fiens for drunk driving and think max time for fines is 10$ = 1 day in jail and look at other crime's time....gonna get messy for harper ...this could in fact topple the actual ogvt as it runs out of money by being forced to borrow so much they cant get loans .....this will tell you all if in fact harper is truly a traitor to our nation if he let that happen....

haha and if there are that many potheads in canada think about ti too 1 year per gram
if a millin pot heads turned themselves in POOF
like people if you want to bend over and not do shit fine then just shut the fuck up then and stop whining.

i figure if i grab 3 tb more stuff i wont need internet
and ya know i suggest everyone do this and then just never use net....not like the news media is worth surfing its a joke.....
and what the fraking hell does anyone need more then dial up to look at auction sales or a few websites
EXACTLY this is what it does is destroy our nations ability to compete....good thing im partnering with an american to create some FREE games where your always gonna get playing free and even one im designing is going to get done and outed play for free and mayb e a few micro payments to get extras. for me it wont affect me as bad...the rest of you well its been a slice you should have been doing what i and oters have been grabbing all that you could to survive without the net....

and just where is the https for this site , do you value your users so much you give no shit about them?

on lil .htacess file and you can force it....a few changes to your logs and wella OR dont log and show user rights matter....