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Mansfield, OH
reply to kba4

Re: Standard Speeds now 10/2? - Northeast OH/WesternPA, 44904

said by kba4:

TW Internet Tiers:

Lite Internet is 1/1
Basic is 3/1
Standard is 10/1

The following also include TW Wi-Fi:
Turbo is 20/2
Extreme is 30/5
Ultimate is 50/5

edit: just checked the Midwest TW site and indeed it lists Standard as 10/2: this is most definitely a typo at least as of today- I work in Tier III and have not heard anything regarding this. All the modems provisioned for Standard Internet that I've worked on have .bin files for 10/1.

Ahh, okay thanks. I had a feeling it was probably a typo but I figured I would ask.

said by dragonman300:

Can you screenshot those plans? Im curious about it



Marion, OH
It must be a typo in Mid-Ohio also then. We have the same Speed Tiers, but nobody that I know of in my area gets over 1Mbps upload.

Buffalo, NY

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reply to kingchaos007
It all depends where you are. Time Warner has different plans for different areas.