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Saint Clair Shores, MI

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reply to ray2

Re: how to fix our routor bloat

I have to say that your posts are almost impossible to follow and I understand you have said you have issues posting stuff.

However I have run the tests Gibson recommended on my WOW connection and I have ZERO issues. My connection is almost perfect as to the ISCI Netalyzer that Gibson wanted us to run. So my wow connection has none of the issues you believe you have.

I pay for 30/3 speed and get that about 99.9% of the time.

I also have to say that while I like Steve Gibson, as someone who works in large Fortune 50 company, Mr. Gibson often does not have a clue how enterprise IT works. He works in a small company and has no access to routers/firewalls that cost 10s of thousands of dollars. I do and sometimes what he says is just not correct. However in general he is spot on.


Des Plaines, IL
ok thanks might be with the wireless n in new modem wowway had for 30 and 50 megs