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Albany, GA

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reply to OldCableGuy

Re: [RANT] 250 GB , really?

said by OldCableGuy :

You signed a workorder which stated you agreed to those (or someone over the age of 18 did at time of installation) and you could have asked the installer for a copy if you had not yet read it. Do you routinely sign things without reading them?

Simply because you 'didn't know' about something in a contract you signed doesn't mean it doesn't apply to you. I spend hours reviewing cell phone contracts before signing, same with when I switched to DirecTV. They're always available online (as has been demonstrated in this thread) so an informed consumer can read ahead of time.

the AUP showing the limit was not on mediacoms main website until recently, probably after the news article posted here on BBR, ill just quote my own reply to that article.

"just read the TOS just read the TOS" you people do realize the TOS is NOT on the main mediacom website? i had no idea about the secondary website where the AUP for internet actually is located. and no you dont get any of it in writing "before" you sign, its not even in the fine print on the back of the work order form, all of that has to do with equipment fee's.

»www.mediacomcable.com is mediacoms website, i challenge you to find the AUP on it regarding the 250GB cap.

where is the AUP? wayyy over there >>> »www.mediacomtoday.com/aup NOT on the main mediacom website.

so people should read what has been hidden? seriously? so i can come to your house, have you sign a contract, do some work for you, then hold you to this "other" contract located in an office a few states over because, hey, you should have read it first, but by using my service you implicitly agree to it.

that makes perfect sense

of course now they do have it on the main site, tho you linked directly to it and not the page that has the link, heres the FAQ which is nice and prominent »mediacomcable.com/internet_faq.html no mention of a cap now is there? and i dont see a link to the AUP. so bleat about how its available online all you want, when a company hides it and makes it as hard as possible to find it you cant turn around and throw it in a customers face saying you should have read what was hidden!

when a person sees fine print on the back of a work order they understandably assume all of the fine print for the service is right there, and not hidden elsewhere. hell i probably still have that original workorder, and even if i dont i have a recent one from a few months back i can scan it and post it if youd like. but i know no AUP was given at time of install, just the work order, and an E911 waiver.

and has been pointed out, all of this back and forth over the AUP and its location does not change the fact that the 250GB cap, weather hard or soft is frankly B.S. but not having a tiered system for the cap is flat out absurd and holding business class customers to the same cap as consumer level service is even more absurd


ive scanned the back of my most recent work order from 10/21/11 tho good luck reading it, they always keep the easy to read white copy for them selves. now, where is that 250GB cap at exactly? its not on the front either (i would post the front but thats a lot of acct info to black out) .. i can scan all of the rest if youd like, i can also scan the "equipment service terms and conditions" as well as the "digtal cable user agreement" if youd like...
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