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Center Valley, PA
reply to r81984

Re: The Greedy Hacker

But I still make the argument that if the cable modem is leased to a subscriber that modem does belong to the cable company. Modifying it is against company policy and illegal.

Purchasing a separate modem is a completely different story however. But it is the intentional act of connecting it to the already active cable line by paying for a subscription service.

True, MAC address filtering is not security. The cable network worked fine if everyone used their company owned or customer modem as the cable company originally intended.

Basically these hacked modems are designed to clone a MAC or use a MAC that has not been provision on the cable network and the CMTS allows it on the network to get internet connectivity.

There are other functions in the modem designed to get around BPI and certificates which authenticate modems for what they really should be as well as what config file it should be running.

Again, I have not read the book but I have an idea of who Ryan Harris is or was. He made it easy for anyone really to exploit the system that was put in place by the cable providers which was controlled by a device on customer property (but not necessarily owned by them in all cases). He did this with techniques he found and made it available for a price. That is really what the industry is all up in arms about.

Are they right, is he right? Opinions will vary but the law is incredibly twisted.